Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Exceed Expectations...

Meeting expectations is just doing what's expected.

It's really just our obligation to others.

Unfortunately, in some environments, it's so rare for anyone to meet expectations that doing so is perceived as something special... as if doing the right thing deserved an award and a celebration.

Avoid that kind of thinking. Dismiss mediocrity.

Meeting expectations and doing the right thing are fine first steps, but is it where we want to stop?

Think of it this way...

Is it where we want others to stop when they're doing something for us?

Going beyond expectations is where wonderful starts.

Going beyond expectations for others—at work, in our communities, on the field—is how a civil rights movement achieves success... how a Google overtakes a Yahoo!... how an iPod is created and keeps getting better (before we even ask).

Isn't it time to get wonderful?

Big Idea...

When we save and invest our money, we sometimes put it with individual companies (through mutual funds, stocks, 401(k) plans, etc.). Those companies are made up of people who work to serve a base of customers. Generally speaking, if those people work well—hard and smart—sales and profits will go up, as will the stock price.

If the stock price goes up, our money will grow (our retirement money, college savings money, vacation money, Christmas fund money).

So how hard do you want those people to work?

As hard as you work?

Big Facts...

Studies show that people tend to remember their very best "peak" encounters (their most emotionally-intense moments).

When you go beyond expectations, you can create peak experiences... and leave people with wonderful memories.

—"Extracting Meaning from Past Affective Experiences: The Importance of Peaks, Ends, and Specific Emotions," by B. Fredrickson (2005).

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