Wednesday, February 08, 2012

iTune Trick - How to delete invalid tracks from iPod if files are deleted through Windows Explorer

Sometime back, I was in a hurry to carry some files in a storage media. All I found was my iPod. I randomly deleted few files from "M:\iPod_Control\Music\F04" folders.

Now, i tried playing music in the iPod, but started getting non playing tracks due to my file deletion through Windows explorer. I connected it to iTunes to clean up those invalid tracks. I found a painful way to do that. I need to play each song, if it is not playing then I need to delete it. I tried getting some info or tools to do this activity, all suggestions I got are - use a costly software or move all files to music folders then delete them, later import them.

After a little bit of research I found an easy method to do this activity with iTunes.

1. Connect you iPod & launch the iTunes.
2. Select Music folder from your device.
3. Select all music files listed in the right pane.
4. Right click on the selected files pane.
5. Choose "Reset Plays" option
6. Say "Reset" to the message stating "Are you sure you want to reset the number of plays and skips of the selected songs?". (Note: This is the only thing you will be losing if you do in my way. You need to weigh - is cleaning up the whole list is more important than losing played tracks count.)
7. Now check the very first column without any column name (it is usally left side to tick mark column).
8. Those songs that are deleted shows a ! symbol within a circle.
9. Delete those songs from iTunes list. (Here you cannot sort based on the first column. So still you need to select all those ! marked ones for deletion)
10. Now you are done with cleanup activity.

Share this tip and enjoy.


  1. Even better way of doing this... switch to Android.. u can delete whatever u want and play whatever u want