Sunday, January 20, 2013

Two Theories of Relationship – Real-life experience Learning

I learnt two relationship theories after I crossed 27 years in this world. I felt those are true and applies to all.

1. Circle of Confidence Theory

One can consider relationship as a big circle that’s why most of the self help books mention it as “Relationship Circle” or “Circle of Influence”. Main backbone of relationship is Influence. Circle of Influence has small circle near the center which is “Circle of Confidence”. Relationship between two people starts from “Out of Influence” circle to “Influence Circle” then distance reduces rapidly based on the communication (hence increased understanding & confidence) between those two. At the end, one will get into “Circle of Confidence” of other. As each human has their own circles, it is not necessary that two human who developed relationship needs to keep their relationship points at the same location of others (this is explained in next theory). Unless your relation is there inside the “Circle of Confidence”, you will not reveal secrets to that person. You also need to ensure they are keeping you inside their “Circle of Confidence” so that they will not reveal your information to the world. This factor is the one that differentiate a friend from thick friend.

- By Prabahkar M.

relationship circle

2. No one is at same distance – Bias Relationship

You are going to an organization dinner party. You introduce everyone you meet in the party to your wife as your ‘friend’. Do they all stay at the same distance in your relationship circle? The Answer is Big “No”.  Say you have 3 friends (everyone is there in circle of influence) but one guy is just a friend with whom you talk about general items. To another friend you talk about movies, girls & little personal. To the third person you will be sharing all your personal problems & ask for some guidance. Even when they want a big money, you will be ready to lend in varying level based on your relationship. For an others, this is a ‘Bias’ – but for you it is the distance they occupy in your relationship circle. The relationship distance varies time to time. And over the time, situation changes & entire equation may differ based on their distance at that given point of time.

- By Manish S.

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