Saturday, March 16, 2013

Goal of Education–Setting Right Perspective

Human Community needs to balance work in different sectors like Education, Health, Engineering, Military, Natural resources management,etc in order to develop. For example, a community needs Teachers, Farmers, Engineers, Services, Entrepreneurs, Financial planners, etc. to perform different type of tasks that is required. Each sector is supported by other sectors so development in one leads to development in another. A development in mechanical engineering helps farmers. An improvement made in Education, produces more Health workers.

Our education system is playing more vital role in producing human resources for each of those streams. Though everyone of us starts our education with same basic education, as we gets into higher education we gets into different streams in order to produce required human resource in those streams. In bottom
level, we talk about scores, economic background for education, but at big picture, higher education sets people to see the item under question with certain perspective.

A metal rod - is viewed differently by different people in organization. An engineer sees it as raw material for making a chair. A Chartered Accountant sees it as expense under an account, stores person sees as inventory goods, etc. These perspectives are possible with proper mental alignment through education. Education should mainly provide proper alignment for us to work better for the community.